Oils of Linden Tea

The flowers that linden tea derives from, the linden blossoms, hold many remedial qualities to them. For years this tea has had many uses, such as thinning blood and aiding those with congestion. This is in part due to the volatile oils that can be found in the tea, which, aside from giving the drink a delicate tasteful scent, also work to ease many uncomfortable ailments.

What are Volatile Oils?

Volatile oils, better known as essential oils, are usually aromatic and beneficial. They are derived from a variety of different plants and can be extracted through distillation or other means. In short, the reason essential oils are called such because they contain the “essence” of the plant. Many people use them in perfumes or soaps, but they can also be found and used in drinks like teas as well.

Benefits of Linden Tea Oils

There is a long list of benefits that come behind the benefits of the volatile oils found in linden tea. The first and most widely used benefit that can be derived from the tea is the aid and relief it can offer those that suffer from respiratory problems. This is because the oils have a soothing effect on the throat, which can help rid the body of blocked nasal passages as well. The oils can work to break down the mucus in the body as well as reduce fevers which can sometimes accompany such symptoms. Another benefit to be derived from the oils in linden tea is that it can also work as a sleep aid, holding a calming relaxing effect upon the body of the drinker. This is beneficial for those that suffer from tension or anxiety and are having difficulty getting a good night’s rest. It manages to further achieve this by relaxing the capillary system as well.

Using Linden Tea

Linden tea is an excellent drink for those that may be suffering from allergies, colds, anxiety, or sleep related problems. It is best to drink a hot cup sweetened with honey before bed to experience the full potential of the oils, flavonoids, and other benefits this sweet smelling drink has to offer. For those that are pregnant or nursing, it is best to not use linden tea without first consulting a doctor.

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Volatile oils, also known as essential oils, have many beneficial properties that can aid in the treatment of various ailments.