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For consumers today, organic choices are becoming more widely available. This is because the demand is growing as more people turn to preferring organically grown produce and organically manufactured products. However, there are many people that are still unsure of whether the benefits of choosing organically grown foods are worth the extra cost. The answer to this may be found in the many health benefits that can be derived from making organic choices; health benefits that not only help us, but our environment as well.

Benefits of Organic Products

There are many studies that have been done to compare organic products to non-organic products and it has been found that there are many important benefits that can be derived from making organic choices. This is because food that is grown organically is not grown with the use of harmful pesticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers that seep chemicals into what we eat.

Growing things organically is also substantially better for the environment as well since it lacks the chemical run off that is caused by many crops that are grown with chemicals. Furthermore, when chemicals are used they often stay in the environment for many years, causing far more damage than most people are aware of. Each year, over a million pounds of chemicals are used by conventional farmers and this comes at a great cost to not only our health and the health of the farmers, but also the health of the environment.

Switching to Organic

Although switching to organic foods may be difficult due to their cost, the price that is paid for any medical or environmental effects caused by pesticides and chemical fertilizers is much greater. As organic choices become more commonly available, more people are turning to food that is grown in an environmentally friendly manner. In the end, making this choice will be highly beneficial to your health, the health of others, and the health of our planet.

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Organic choices don’t make use of harmful pesticides which has a great impact on ensuring good health for both consumers as well as the environment.